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Claes F. Janssen

Claes F Janssen (photo: Bengt Lindstrom)I am a Swedish psychologist and writer.

I am not completely unknown abroad. At an international conference in Mazatlan, Mexico, in 1996, I shook hands with a woman who asked me, when she heard my name: »Are you The Four Rooms of Change?«

That felt good. So, let's begin there. The Four Rooms of Change is a psychological theory, describing change as a move through four psychological stages or »rooms«. In all change, we move from a Contentment, which is lost, via a period in Denial, which is a defense of the old, through Confusion, which ends when we give up whatever it is of the old that had to be given up. The giving up is the turning point, making us open to the possibilities, the new, whereby we move on to Renewal. The woman, an OD consultant from Vancouver, knew my theory through Marvin R. Weisbord, who has described the Future Search conference, which he now specializes in facilitating, as a journey through these rooms.

A list of my books, published and unpublished, appears here.


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