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»Feedback is the food of decision-making«, as Hewitt-Gleeson says in his Brain Freebie! Right on! Without feedback, one's decision-making starves, turning more and more anorectic. Write to me!


The act of taking one's work to the www is a new existential experience for anyone, I presume, but particularly so for a writer, who cannot but reflect on the different realities of a book and a website. A printed book is to the writer a thing, so very finished. A site, on which errors can be corrected, for example, is alive in a different sense. One aspect of this difference, I realized yesterday, is taking us back to the days of Balzac, whose Comédie Humaine was written in installments for the papers. I will do as he did with Venus Asleep, for example. This will have the added advantage of making these pages somewhat different each time you go to them.

English is not my first language, which will be apparent to all for whom it is.

I hope my writing is nevertheless comprehensible. Feel free to tell me errors you might discover.


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