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Comments on the Four Rooms of Change

When I felt I had perfected the theory-making by consensus, I made a list of possibilities. The list consisted of uses for the 4-Room Apartment, suggested by participants at the end of my presentations, and/or by persons who knew it in depth, together with a number of miscellaneous comments.

Suggested uses:

  • For personal integration.
  • To understand myself, and to understand why others don't understand me.
  • In families.
  • For leaders.
  • For OD consultants, as a perspective on both personal change and organizational change.
  • For co-operation. »There is a screaming need of a simple, practical every- day psychology«.
  • For salesmen, »to make the salesman calm, honest, open, interested, and able to switch on the right wave-length« in the communication.
  • For immigrants.
  • In psychotherapy.
  • In organizations
    ... to describe an organization's present situation
    ... to de-dramatize the YES/NO conflicts
    ... to catalyze change, create action
  • For politicians.
  • To draw attention to the collective Denial of the threat to the earth.

Miscellaneous comments

If I had known this, I'd have saved myself numerous unnecessary difficulties (This is not just a single comment, but one which I have heard again and again, with minor differences. Usually, people specify a past time - »in my youth«, or »five years ago« - or a past situation with the character of a conflict or crisis.)

It's a brain power plant.

It's like a map and a compass - tells you where you are and where to go.

It summarizes the central ideas of humanistic psychology.

It has parallels with the Order of Grace.

It might prevent suicides.

Why wasn't I taught this at school?

So what?


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